FSC has developed a supplementary report to specifically showcase the results provided by its forest management/chain of custody (FM/CoC) certificate holders who participated in the 2018 Global Market Survey.

Every two years, FSC conducts the Global Market Survey to gain a better understanding of how FSC is perceived by its certificate holders.

This year, most of the respondents belonged to two groups of certificate holders: chain of custody – comprising 93 per cent of the participants– and FM/CoC certificate holders – representing the remaining 7 per cent. To provide more visibility on the results of FM/CoC certificate holders FSC decided to prepare a supplementary report.

The report includes the same key findings published in the 2018 Global Market Survey report, such as certificate holders’ satisfaction rates, but from an FM/CoC perspective. The results have been filtered to show FM/CoC and chain of custody certificate holders’ responses separately. Moreover, they have been placed side by side to facilitate comparisons.

Check out the FM/CoC Supplementary report here and the full 2018 Global Market Survey report here.