What is FSC Friday?

Every year on the last Friday of September, FSC-certified businesses, as well as schools and organizations all around the world host a series of events to raise awareness of responsible forest management and the role FSC plays in it. It can be celebrated in many ways, from a drawing competition to a field trip, posters displayed in a shop or even a cupcake party! 
No matter the choice of celebration, FSC Friday is all about sharing the message of “forests for all forever” to enable more people to recognize the value of forests and how important it is to take care of them. 
On 25 September, various FSC members, employees and certificate holders gathered in Mexico – the birthplace of FSC – to celebrate 25 years of FSC certification. More than 350 people participated, including 90 Indigenous Peoples. Five key speakers highlighted FSC’s achievements. These were also captured in video summaries. Various stakeholders gathered to discuss FSC’s unique strengths, including its partnerships. 

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FSC Friday highlights around the world

Many FSC national and regional offices, as well as their certificate holders, celebrated FSC Friday: 


  • FSC Canada organized a social media campaign to raise awareness around FSC’s work and labels. Over 30 local companies also promoted FSC Friday: Cooper Enterprises Inc. published a press release and Breeze Wood Floors posted on social media, while Groupe Magnitude had a staff gathering – including a group picture. Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. even organized a “pizza lunch and learn about our mill” event to highlight collaborative projects with FSC and the importance of FSC-certified products. 

  • FSC Sweden translated the global FSC Friday Toolkit into Swedish for their local stakeholders. They also published an article and a Facebook post. Various Swedish stakeholders also posted social media content to celebrate the event – including SCA, Statens fastighetsverk and Korshaga. 

  • FSC Belgium shared social media posts linking FSC with the sustainable development goals. They also engaged actively with stakeholders prior to the event. 

  • FSC Netherlands launched a new national project with construction company Volker Wessels to invest in climate-proof forestry. The office posted a press release, social media content, and a blog post about Mexican forests, while FSC staff visited various stakeholders. Over 50 companies also actively promoted the event through their own social media channels, including Slokker Brouwgroep, Helwig Kozijnen, J.P. van Eesteren and Samson Urban Elements B.V. 

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  • FSC Portugal organized a business forum on “Sustainable options for present and future packaging” with 150 participants. In addition to introducing sustainable packaging alternatives, the aim was to promote conscious and responsible consumption. The forum included a roundtable in which key national and global players shared their organizations' position on sustainable packaging, and their commitment to FSC. 

  • FSC Switzerland organized a volunteering event with employees of the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen in the local forest. Staff from various departments were split into two groups. The first group cleaned gaps in the forest before planting new trees. The second group helped hunters remove old game fencing once erected to protect young trees – now fully grown – from being destroyed by wildlife. The event was a good opportunity for employees to learn about the different issues forestry operations face – including persistent droughts. 

  • FSC Poland provided various materials to stakeholders celebrating FSC Friday which included posters, gadgets and quizzes. This year, 70 organizations joined the event (an increase of 37% in participation compared to last year). Some organized informative meetings or trainings for their employees, while others shared news items through their internal communications channels. Karolina Timorek, FSC Project Coordinator for Poland, said it was “important to organize such actions to build up awareness and engage everyone.” 

  • FSC Latin America, FSC Central America, FSC Chile and FSC Ecuador published content from the FSC Friday toolkit to actively promote the celebration through social media (mainly Facebook). Additionally, FSC Argentina published an opinion piece with the support of Tetra Pak. 

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  • FSC Brazil started a video campaign to celebrate FSC Friday as well as our 25th anniversary. The campaign, titled #NosSomosFSC (#WeAreFSC”) consists of interviews with various FSC Brazil members – including representatives of the NGO Manguezal Meu Quintal, IBIO and Idesam. Leroy Merlin organized a Forests Week to highlight FSC-labelled products in their 42 Brazilian shops. On FSC Friday, the home improvement and gardening retailer committed to plant a native tree in the Amazon region for each purchase of FSC-certified products in their shops.

  • FSC Mexico organized the 25th anniversary celebration in Cancun. Additionally, they engaged with sponsors, posted pictures of the event on Facebook and LinkedIn, and published an article summarizing the event on their website.

  • FSC Spain organized its first social forum at the royal botanic garden of Madrid. Almost 100 NGO and company representatives took part and shared their most innovative projects regarding sustainability and the circular economy. FSC Spain produced a video summary of the day as well as video interviews with some of the participants – including representatives of Carrefour, Tetra Pak and WWF Spain). 

  • FSC Italy organized its first Furniture Awards ceremony in Milan. It rewarded the most-sustainable, FSC-certified companies in the Italian interior furnishing sector. 6 prizes (for living area, sleeping area, bathroom, kitchen, office and public use furniture) plus 2 special mentions (for communication and CSR policies) were awarded to FSC-certified companies such as Snaidero s.p.a, Foppapedretti s.p.a, Arper s.p.a and Calligaris s.p.a.