HS was barred from the FSC scheme in February this year.  HS remains disassociated from FSC until such time as HS has fulfilled the requirements set by FSC. Only after the conditions are fulfilled, and no new substantiated incidents arisen, will HS’ disassociated status be reviewed by the FSC Board of Directors. If there is credible demonstration – verified by an independent organization - that HS has met all stipulated conditions, the FSC Board could end HS’ disassociation status.

Now that the conditions have been set by FSC, HS must begin to correct the identified shortcomings and wrongdoings in its operations, while compensating for the environmental and social damages resulting from these. In addition, HS must prevent the reoccurrence of any wrongdoings and/or violations of FSC’s Policy for Association.

The conditions put forth by FSC require HS to make significant improvements in its operations by:

  • enforcing a strong due diligence and chain of custody system by implementing a robust system for the traceability of round wood back to the forest stand;
  • setting up and contributing to a fund for the realization of social and environmental projects promoting responsible development of forests and forest based communities in Romania;
  • conducting an independent review of all land in its possession and compensating the lawful land owners, and returning the land when legally required;
  • increasing transparency and communication with relevant stakeholders regarding its operations and ongoing projects; and
  • upgrading its corporate social responsibility practices and stakeholder engagement efforts.

These conditions have been developed in a multi-stakeholder process involving public consultations. 

See the complete overview of requirements and conditions set by FSC to HS here.

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