close up of a hand holding a paper shopping bag with FSC MIX Label

The new label will be officially launched in January 2022. From the date of the launch, certificate holders will have a transition period of 2.5 years during which time the old and/or the new label may be used. The extended transition period aims to ensure that certificate holders are able to introduce the new label as part of their ongoing artwork revisions.

During a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder process which led to the Strategy for MIX products and controlled wood, a change of the MIX label text was agreed as part of a wider package of actions.

In December 2019 a working group was established to support the implementation of the change to the MIX label text. The proposal of the working group has been approved by the Board of Directors and FSC is now pleased to announce the new text of the MIX label.

New FSC MIX Label with text "Supporting responsible forestry"

Read more about the new FSC MIX label, the rationale behind the change and relevant timelines in the factsheet below.

Factsheet: FSC changes MIX label text
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