Today, issues like responsible sourcing and sustainability are given high consideration for many companies. Yet often these factors play a minor role when it comes to purchasing decisions for consumers. As a consequence, it is vital that the advantages that FSC certification brings are communicated to the public.

FSC-certified company Angel Estrada is eager to raise awareness and educate consumers about what stands behind the FSC logo on its products. From its first awareness campaign, “Official Sponsor of the Forests”, until today, Angel Estrada has organized many campaigns that illustrate good environmental stewardship. More than just a slogan, Official Sponsor of the Forests illustrates Angel Estrada’s commitment to the use of sustainable resources in the products they manufacture and shows their customers how to do the same.

Angel Estrada also actively brings the idea of sustainability and responsible resource use directly to teachers and students by distributing education materials throughout local schools.For Angel Estrada, raising awareness about the importance of leaving a sustainable legacy for our children is of utmost importance.

For the launch of the 2010/11 campaign, Angel Estrada created and delivered more than 100 000 envelopes with work sheets and seeds to teachers and students from schools across the area. A planting event followed, during which participants shared photos and experiences through the portal The school that won the grand prize received prizes for the students, their peers, and teachers.

Through this event, Angel Estrada, with its brand Rivadavia was able to deliver their message to over 90% of educational establishments.