“This report confirms that FSC certification has real and tangible benefits for local people and communities,” stated Kim Carstensen, Director General of the FSC. “Social benefits are one of our core three pillars of action, along with environmental and economic benefits, and we are pleased to see that the hard work of our partners can have such a powerful impact on the ground. We hope consumers of FSC-certified products understand that when they buy FSC, they help more than the environment – they are helping to improve the lives of people all over the world.”

The report shows that FSC-certified logging concessions in the Congo Basin universally provided (100%) health and life insurance to all staff, local medical facilities, and showers and toilets to all individual homes, while these services were present in less than half of non-certified areas. The report also reveals that, in some countries, educational opportunities in addition to state-run services are available in 78% of FSC-certified areas, compared to 33% of non-certified areas.

“Education is so vital to the future of our planet – the children of today are going to be those working in partnership with the land tomorrow – and, so, we need them to be equipped with all the skills and tools required to make the best decisions. It is wonderful to see that FSC-certification is able to benefit communities in this way,” remarked Carstensen.

You can access the WWF/CIFOR-funded FSC Social Impact Report here.


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