In the 2016–2017 edition, you will find information on our 2020 targets. The FSC Global Strategic Plan 2015–2020 calls for the realization of a new forest paradigm by 2050, in which the true value of forests is recognized and fully incorporated into society worldwide – and ambitious targets need meaningful commitments and action.

In the Market Info Pack, we introduce six indicators that give an overall view of FSC’s presence across the supply chain and provide the baseline of our current share so that we can track our performance to 2020.

In working towards our goals, we are focusing more on a sectoral approach. In 2016 and 2017, this included cork, fashion, packaging, rubber, and sport. We have participated in several key initiatives in these industries that have achieved some important results. FSC’s work over the past year has included engagement with global brands to drive the use of sustainable and responsible forest products across key sectors. The Market Info Pack contains more information on our involvement with these key sectors and companies, and on the current status of FSC certification.

We also commissioned two studies to collect data and develop deep insight into the market needs of our stakeholders. Some of the key results are presented in the Market Info Pack. Collectively, these studies show that certificate holders and members believe our brand offers consumers a clear sign that their organizations are serious about responsible forest management.

These are all crucial markers of progress towards the new forest paradigm. By becoming a powerful market force, FSC will make a vital difference in how consumers and producers see and value forests and the tangible – and intangible – benefits we derive from them every day.

Please download the FSC Market Info Pack to find out about the benefits FSC can bring to your business, and join us as we take forests conservation to a new level of impact.

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