Forests For All Forever. Our new strapline. Our continued mission. Our clear intention as an organisation.

For the first time ever, we’re giving stakeholders – from members to certificate holders – the tools to talk about us. Of course, they’ve been talking about us for years, but now they can do so in a way that is clear, consistent and actually demonstrates the values that FSC embodies.

Currently, people tend to say ‘We like FSC, because it’s a great thing”, but few have the tools to say more than that. Now, we want to shift the conversation to discuss the impact we have on the ground, day in, day out. So they can talk about why they like FSC; why they want to work with FSC; why they want to get certified.

At FSC, we mainly talk directly with the people who use our system. With this new set of brand materials, we’re giving those people an opportunity to speak with consumers. Whereas a lot of what we normally communicate is very technical, this gives us a focus on the values behind the technical specifications – on the why and not the what.

While the logo has always been a recognisable way for people to choose FSC-certified products, historically, it’s been very difficult to actually talk about FSC for promotion. It’s important to demonstrate more than just the seal of quality that the logo already is. Now, it will demonstrate the values that that seal brings with it.

Along the way, we’ve had input from the people who are closest to our system – network partners, FSC users and certified companies around the world - to develop these materials. And I’m happy to say that we’re seeing consistently positive reactions from very, very different groups of stakeholders too. It’s a brand that everybody can use.

Alongside our new branding launch, we’re also in the middle of developing our strategic plan. It’s very much about getting better at what we do already; getting better at running the certification system. It’s also focused on reversing the trend of forest destruction, which means it fits completely with the new brand positioning.

Because forests are about much more than just the timber value. Of course, that’s enormously important, but what we do in the forest is more than just taking the timber out. We do it in responsible ways that create benefits for people without threatening the survival of the animals and the plants in the forest. Most of the species that live on Earth live in forests, in particular in the tropical forests, so responsible forest management is hugely important for animals.

The whole purpose of being FSC-certified, and managing the forest in a responsible way, is that forests will be there for the benefit of the environment, for the benefit of social interest and for the benefit of the global and local economy, forever.

Put simply: that’s what FSC is about: ‘Forests for All, Forever.’