Best known for brands such as Regina, Softis, Le Trèfle, Sopalin and Nouvelle, Sofidel aims at having 100 per cent of its tissue paper products in consumer sector in Italy, Great Britain, Spain, France and the Benelux carrying the FSC label. The decision was announced during the 2016 FSC Friday, and presented in November 2016 at Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award.

Sofidel’s new handkerchiefs, kitchen rolls and toilet paper products using FSC’s Forests For All Forever brand.

In 2015, Sofidel Group reports having used 99.97 per cent of certified virgin fiber for its products, 53.7 per cent of which was FSC certified. In 2017, a new line of products including handkerchiefs, kitchen rolls and toilet paper, carrying the FSC’s Forests For All Forever brandmark was rolled out.

"Forests For All Forever was created by FSC in order to give certified companies a powerful tool to communicate their commitment to the preservation of forests through responsible supplies" says Diego Florian, Director of FSC Italy, “We are very proud of Sofidel's journey to sustainability and the use of Forests for All Forever brand for their tissue products allows consumers to become active players in this value chain”.

Sofidel’s new handkerchiefs, kitchen rolls and toilet paper products using FSC’s Forests For All Forever brand.

FSC certification falls within Sofidel’s policy for raw material purchases, recognizing the role of forests in global environmental protection, maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity. The policy includes condemnation of illegal logging practices and conversion of natural forests into plantations, support to sustainable forest management systems, and preference for certified suppliers.

“For us, the decision to obtain FSC chain of custody certification - the most widespread and appreciated certification in the industry - is a step taken in keeping with the growing focus on fully sustainable products that is increasingly widespread in society,” explained Riccardo Balducci, Corporate Environmental Manager of Sofidel Group. “Responsible raw material procurement policies are part of a wider commitment to environmental sustainability that Sofidel has also concretely demonstrated by joining the WWF Climate Savers programme for the voluntary reduction of CO2 emissions and water resource protection policies.”