Through this project, FSC is looking for ways to address biodiversity loss and climate change, while continuing to enable the provision of responsibly produced goods and services from leading forest management practices. We anticipate that the project will facilitate a process to help understand whether and how certification inside Focus Forests can be reconciled with FSC’s commitments to combat climate change and conserve and restore forest biodiversity.  

Part of this work includes working with various researchers, led by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), to set out a framework of definitions, values, and maps that serve as a starting point to gain agreement through dialogue.  

The research team has now developed a Green Paper to foster dialogue and build consensus on the methods, tools and concepts to be used in the Focus Forests initiative. The paper proposes a unified, global definition of the term “forests of value;" introduces a framework that reflects the values of different stakeholders; and proposes a global map of potential forest cover to support the identification of forests of value.  
We would very much like to hear your feedback to the Green Paper. 

To provide feedback: 

1. Review the Green Paper  

2. Submit your feedback here.

We invite you to submit your comments on the Green Paper by 28 February 2022. Your feedback will be used to finalize the green paper for presentation at the General Assembly in October 2022.

For more information about the Focus Forests project, please visit our website or sign up for the Focus Forests newsletter.