The objective of the public consultation is to collect feedback on several fundamental procedure requirements. FSC encourages all interested stakeholders to participate and provide their input during this period. Such input is critical to further develop the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure, which will help solving damages caused by conversion from natural forests into plantations.

The feedback from the first consultation will be discussed and – if needed – incorporated into the second draft procedure. The consultation on the second draft FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure is planned for September and October 2020.

Background information

FSC‘s members called for the organization to put in place a mechanism, building on previous work, to develop a holistic policy on conversion of natural forests to plantations.

Accordingly, a chamber-balanced working group was established to develop a holistic policy on conversion. This working group developed the second draft of the policy and FSC completed the second public consultation to comment on it between December 2019 and February 2020. Currently, the working group is reviewing consultation results, and developing the final policy draft. This final version will be submitted for approval to the FSC International Board of Directors during summer 2020.

FSC also established a technical working group in November 2019 to focus on the implementation of the policy.

The technical working group has developed a mechanism to translate the FSC Policy on Conversion into operational practices. A key component of this mechanism is the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure. This procedure contains the following requirements and guidance for the conversion:

  • guidance to apply the cut-off rule – that prohibits an organization from being eligible to apply for certification against FSC standards or association with FSC due to conversion – as proposed in FSC Policy on Conversion Version 1-0 Draft 2-0;
  • requirements to mitigate the effects of past conversion, by restoring and/or conserving environmental values and by restituting socio-economic values;
  • information on the eligibility criteria to enter the FSC system, such as:
    1) being associated with FSC, and
    2) becoming FSC certified and maintaining FSC certification.

For more information on the FSC Conversion Remedy Procedure and the public consultation, please contact Yan Li, FSC Policy Manager, at