In December 2019 a Policy for Association (PfA) complaint was filed by Indonesian NGO Yayasan Auriga Nusantara against the company and other companies associated with Djarum Group. The complaint alleged unacceptable activity, namely ‘significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest use’ by PT. Fajar Surya Swadaya and PT. Silva Rimba Lestari, subsidiaries of the Djarum Group. In December 2020 PT. Bukit Muria Jaya – a subsidiary of the Djarum Group - withdrew its FSC certificate and with that ended association between FSC and Djarum.

With the termination of the PT. Bukit Muria Jaya FSC certificate, the requisite association between FSC and the Djarum Group has been severed. This results in the closure of the PfA complaint.  

More information on the Djarum case may be found on our website.