A further five million hectares of forest became FSC certified during 2011.

The total certified area now stands at 29 million hectares, making Russia second in the world ranking of FSC certified forest after Canada (with around 40 million hectares).

At least 700,000 hectares of ecologically valuable forests were excluded from logging because of FSC certification requirements.

Salaries, health and safety and other social benefits were also seen to be higher with FSC certified companies in Russia as compared to non-certified companies.

There are currently 285 companies in Russia with Forest Management and Chain of Custody FSC certificates, an increase of almost 35% during the year.

The packaging giant Tetra Pak achieved FSC certification in 2011 for all of its factories in Russia and Ukraine, and six printing houses received FSC certification to provide their clients with certified ‘green’ printing products.

The FSC organization in Russia has also grown in 2011.

The central office in Moscow moved to a new, more spacious office, a new branch of FSC Russia for Siberia and Russian Far East was opened in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia) in September, with more staff than ever before.

A national FSC membership program was also launched in December 2011, to give better opportunities to serve the needs of FSC clients and stakeholders.