FSC is now seeking both FSC members and non-members to establish the working group for revising the FSC Controlled Wood Standard for Forest Management Enterprises (FSC-STD-30-010). The working group will consist of two sub-groups:

  • Stakeholder subgroup: Three FSC members representing each of the three FSC chambers
  • Technical expert subgroup: Three technical experts that need not be FSC members.

The ideal applicant for the stakeholder subgroup should demonstrate professional experience in the field of forest management, controlled wood, legality in the forestry sector, traditional and human rights, high conservation values (HCVs), forest conversion, GMOs (trees), forest group certification and/or smallholder certification.

The ideal applicant for the technical expert subgroup should be a research scientist or highly qualified specialist in forest management, rights of Indigenous Peoples and/or traditional peoples (including conflicts pertaining to these rights, and experience in consultation/mediation with Indigenous Peoples and traditional peoples), HCVs, or have extensive auditing experience and/or expertise in crafting stepwise approaches.

You can find further information on requirements for applicants in the terms of reference for the working group. 

Applicants are asked to send their CVs and completed application forms to Tania Einfeldt (t.einfeldt@fsc.org) by 09 February 2020.