The current consultations are to drive accessibility of the FSC system by incorporating risk-based approaches and allowing for continuous improvement. We invite all stakeholders to participate; there is no requirement for participation.  

How we evaluate forest management is up for revision now under the FSC-STD-20-007 Forest Management Evaluations Standard. This revised draft incorporates a risk-based approach in forest management evaluations, proposes the use of different evaluation techniques, and includes provisions on the implementation of the Forest Management Digital Audit Report Template. Moreover, it introduces also the concept of active and inactive management unit when selecting management units and sites for evaluation. Simultaneously, the revised procedure for FSC-PRO-60-010 Incorporating a Risk Based Approach in National Forest Stewardship Standards and its Guidance is consulted separately to the forest management evaluations standard. This normative document provides the process steps for incorporating a risk-based approach to FSC National Forest Stewardship Standards. Both consultations are open until 12 September 2021. 

The Continuous Improvement Procedure is a novel approach to encourage more potential certificate holders to join FSC by committing to continuously improving their forest management practices until they are in complete conformance with FSC standards. Users of the procedure must conform with a subset of requirements and can benefit from FSC certification while working on the remaining requirements. The Continuous Improvement Procedure is open for consultation through 23 August 2021. Learn more about the process and procedure here.  

FSC Public Consultations Snapshot 

Document for Consultation // Deadline 

Continuous Improvement Procedure  // 23 August 2021 

Forest Management Evaluations Standard and associated addenda // 12 September 2021 

Risk Based Approach in National Standard Development // 12 September 2021 

All public consultations can be accessed through the FSC Consultation Platform and are available for the general public. To learn more about the ongoing processes for document development refer to the FSC website here. Through the process pages you can learn about how FSC maintains transparency in document development and how stakeholder feedback is incorporated. To get involved in future document developments learn more here.