The Continuous Improvement Procedure is based on the idea that sustainability, rather than a fixed objective, is a path. It invites smallholder and communities to become part of the global FSC community of certificate holders without having perfect responsible management in place. It´s enough to have initiated and implemented crucial measures and to commit to continue the path of sustainability together with FSC, by improving forest management practices step-by-step and to conform with all requirements of the FSC standard within 5 years. 

We are convinced that this procedure, along with other policy solutions and proposals on how responsible forest management and FSC certification, can contribute to the prosperity of smallholders and communities and will enhance FSC's ability to play an important role in the management of small and community forests. 

We invite you to participate in the consultation available from 15 June 2021 through 26 August 2021.  With the diversity of everyone's input, experience and knowledge we are sure to turn this good draft into an excellent procedure. 

Thank you in advance for you interest, time, and participation!