FSC is developing international generic indicators (IGIs) to implement the FSC Pesticides Policy which controls the use of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs). These IGIs will provide a control framework to ensure consistency in the development of national indicators for the use of highly restricted and restricted HHPs by standard development groups. The IGIs will also provide indicators for countries with no standard development group.

The full implementation of the revised FSC Pesticides Policy – approved by the FSC International Board of Directors in March 2019 – requires the development of IGIs. A technical working group (TWG) is currently working on their development.

Composition of the technical working group

The TWG consists of:

  • three interest-balanced members of the pesticides policy working group - started in 2016;
  • three technical experts with operational expertise in the field of pesticides, in particular in audits, standard development and forest management.

The composition and the terms of reference of the TWG can be accessed here.

Public consultation

The public consultation will be used to collect stakeholders’ feedback on a series of questions on the first draft of the IGIs for use and risk management of HHPs. FSC encourages all interested stakeholders to provide their input during the consultation. Their input is critical to the further amendment of the draft.

For more information on the first draft and the public consultation, please contact Jiwon Sung, FSC Policy Officer (Forest Management and Ecosystem Services), at j.sung@fsc.org.