The PfA is one of the tools we use to protect the integrity and reputation of the FSC system. Any organization that joins FSC must adhere to the PfA. Through this, organizations commit to avoid engaging in destructive activities, like deforestation or human rights violations, which go against FSC’s mission and values.

We’re planning changes to the policy – and we want your input and feedback.

The proposed changes will affect:

  • Who is covered by the policy: It will be harder for organizations to avoid the consequences of the policy because we propose a new definition of ‘corporate group’ to ensure it covers organizations connected by both ownership and control, including those controlled by the same family or the same ultimate beneficial owner.
  • Where, and across what sectors, it applies: The PfA will target unacceptable activities outside, as well as inside forests. For example, the responsibility to avoid human rights violations will apply in the forestry and forest products sector, not only in forestry operations.
  • How the policy is implemented and enforced: Organizations associated with FSC and their corporate groups should have policies and procedures in place to avoid unacceptable activities in the operations they control. So, if unacceptable activities are found to have taken place, their due diligence systems will also be assessed as part of decision making on the case.

The draft is now open for public consultation and will close on 3 December 2021.

The technical working group will evaluate all of your comments when the consultation closes and create a second draft based on feedback.

For updates on the process, you can sign up to the mailing list or check out the process page  on the FSC website.