All the proposed motions that have been submitted are now available in the motions area of the FSC General Assembly 2017 website. Please provide comments directly below each motion to help the submitters improve their text.

You can use the menu ‘Motions Archive’ in the right-hand column of the motions section to specify the type of motions you are looking for, e.g. “Policy” if you are looking for all motions related to policies.

The FSC Motions Committee is now reviewing the proposed motions to ensure they comply with the Protocol for the FSC General Assembly of Members. If a motion does not comply, it will be sent back to its submitter for revision.

The committee may recommend merging motions if they are too similar, in which event the proposers will be put in contact with the seconders of these motions

If changes are required for a motion to be approved, the motions committee will provide feedback on the submitted motion directly through the motions area. The proposer will be notified by email that feedback is now available and will be invited to check their motion.

Check our article on how you can improve your motions before you start revising your proposal.

Please note that the final deadline to resubmit revised motions to the committee is 12 May 2017. Proposers and seconders of a motion shall represent the three FSC chambers: there shall be at least one proposer or seconder from each chamber per submitted motion.