Side meetings take place outside of the formal FSC general assembly sessions, and are organized for the purpose of sharing experiences and increasing opportunities for dialogue among the FSC general assembly delegates.

FSC Members have recommended topics for side meetings at the regional membership meetings held in every region from September to December 2016.

This is the list of topics that are already being considered for the programme of the FSC General Assembly 2017:



  • Ecosystem Services
  • Carbon footprint
  • Earth Observation
Forest Positive
Smallholders Workers’ rights beyond the ILO core conventions VIA, Impact of FSC certification
Tropical Natural Forests Marketing and business intelligence Mapuche Study
Boreal forests Fashion Motion 83
Supply Chain integrity Rubber Donors Panel
PIPC v2.0 Conversion, conservation and restoration (Motion 12) Indigenous Pavilion
FPIC Growth of the FSC Brand  

Please let us know if there is any other topic(s) for side meetings that you recommend to include into the program.

Interested parties are encouraged to send recommendations and proposals for the side meetings programme to FSC. The submissions should include a brief description of the requested event. All requests should be submitted to

The deadline to send recommendations is Friday 17 March.

The secretariat will compile all proposals after that deadline. The FSC International Board of Directors will make a decision on the programme in April.