The members of the Indigenous Foundation Council will be responsible for managing and directing the affairs of the Foundation to help it fulfill its mission and objectives. Their term will run from September 2020 until 2023.

Applicants need to be members of Indigenous Communities or have a long history of involvement and engagement with Indigenous Peoples. They also need to have management experience and knowledge of the issues related to Indigenous Peoples and forest management.

Please read the Call for Candidates to get more details and find how to submit your application.

About the FSC Indigenous Foundation and Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee

Members of the Council of the FSC Indigenous Foundation will work in direct collaboration with the Managing Director of the FSC Indigenous Foundation and the Chair of the Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee.

FSC recently established its Indigenous Foundation to give a voice to Indigenous Peoples on the continued management and preservation of the world’s forests.

The FSC Permanent Indigenous Peoples Committee was founded in 2013 to ensure the voice of Indigenous Peoples was heard at FSC’s decision-making level. The Committee continues its role as advisor to FSC’s Board of Directors, and its activities are now serviced by the Indigenous Foundation. One of its tasks is to nominate members of the Council of the FSC Indigenous Foundation to the FSC Board of Directors.