In 2015, Apple Inc. committed to conserving forests around the world at a level equivalent to the footprint of the virgin wood-fibre paper used for its product packaging. To achieve this goal, Apple Inc. has partnered with WWF in China to improve the management of up to 400,000 hectares of working forests that provide fibre for pulp, paper, and wood products.

One of the key outcomes of this five-year project is to increase the amount of FSC-certified forestland in China. Some 130,000 hectares of forestland have already become FSC certified.

The high-level forum will explore Apple’s strategy for the project, how the two organizations are working together, the outcomes achieved and those still to be accomplished. The session will also reveal ways the model could be applied more broadly.

Sarah Chandler is Apple’s Director of Operations, Product Development and Environmental Initiatives. She is responsible for Apple’s goals of using greener materials for its products and reducing the environmental impact of its supply chain.

Kerry Cesareo works as the Vice President for Forests of WWF US. She leads the WWF strategy and work related to forest conservation. The key goal of her work is to produce measurable results in mitigating and reversing the impacts of the forest sector as a driver of biodiversity loss.

Cesareo has quite a long history with FSC. Back in 2000, she spent a summer working with First Nations on Vancouver Island as they had just created their timber company, Iisaak Forest Resources. The creation of the company and its commitment helped to end a long-standing conflict between local environmentalists, First Nations, and logging companies. Iisaak’s FSC certification – obtained in 2001 – inspired Cesareo’s Master’s project and later her career. She is currently member of the FSC US Board of Directors.

Anyone can join the high-level forum on Tuesday, 10 October from 2.30 to 4 p.m. – within the limits of available seating. This forum will be split into two sessions of 45 minutes each, and will also include a discussion on solid wood.

Click here to learn more about the high-level forum. You can also view the entire programme of the FSC General Assembly 2017 through this link.