Recognized as one of 100 most influence on ethic business for Ethisphere, Tensie has already received many awards for her work ahead Rainforest.

Working on sustainability for more than 25 years, this North-American activist hopes the event helps to increase the number of partners of those environment organizations.

"It is an opportunity to celebrate the great work by Imaflora and companies and producers investing in sustainable practices, as well as a way to recruit new partners. There are a growing number of business leaders who are taking leadership and embracing more ethical ways of doing business. They recognize that the scope of the environmental and social problems mean that they must be proactive in providing solutions to ensure the viability of their supply chain as well as the support of consumers. Of course, there remain many companies who are not interested in sustainable sourcing and production and they will be left behind", said Tensie Whelan.

Before working in FSC, Andre de Freitas managed Imaflora and worked as regional coordinator for forest workers unions in Latin America.

He'd also developed the social an environmental policy for Rabobank in Brazil.

Freitas believes Brazil is an exponent between the developing countries in terms of sustainability.

The general director of FSC says the work of environmental organizations along the country is the most important cause for people, business men and companies to care about environmental preservation.

"The Brazil Certified reflects a ripening of market and it is possible to find more products compromised to sustainability. There are many strong environmental organizations in Brazil and, consequently, companies which are more engaged in sustainability than in other developing countries", he stated.

The complete schedule of Brazil Certified will be publicized within the end of next week.

The interested have to fill in the application form in the website "".

The entry is free.

Source: Rosa Arrais Comunicação