Advice note addressing deliberate false claims

The advice note aims to ensure supply chain integrity and address false claims in the FSC system by clarifying the concept of false claims.

The document introduces several new concepts and processes to the treatment of FSC claims made on sales documents and the use of FSC trademarks. Therefore, it is important for everyone involved in an FSC certified supply chain to be familiar with it.

Procedure calculating financial penalty/compensation fee and processing evidence for penalized organizations

The procedure provides clear guidance on how instances of deliberate false claims are penalized based on the seriousness of the false claim, the length of time the false claim was made, and the organization’s capacity. It also describes the steps that can be taken to contest the finding of a deliberate false claim.
This procedure represents an extraordinary focus on ensuring supply chain integrity and introducing financial consequences for those caught intentionally misusing the FSC system or FSC trademarks. All organizations that make FSC claims or utilize the FSC trademarks should be aware of the negative consequences of such actions.

Both documents can be found on the FSC Document Centre.