Vietnam gains new FSC Interim Forest Stewardship Standard for Non-Timber Forest Products

Gerhard Kuske
Rubber tapping Vietnam
Gerhard Kuske
July 11, 2023
Category : Standards

The standard becomes effective on 15 October 2023.

The FSC Interim Forest Stewardship Standard (IFSS) for Non- Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) for Vietnam has been published. Organizations can now certify their NTFPs, supporting the promotion of responsible forestry around the world by ensuring social responsibility, environmental protection, and economic sustainability.

Mushrooms in Vietnam
(c) Thi Que Anh Vu

In Vietnam, NTFPs including bamboo, rattan, bamboo shoots, edible plant, fruit, and herbal plants carry good potential for organizations and communities to generate additional income from forest resources; especially for natural forests over which a logging ban has been put years ago. Thus, NTFP utilization can have many positive impacts on rural livelihood. The rubber sector in Vietnam includes both larger corporate forests and plantations managed by smallholders. This standard will help to remove bottlenecks and boost the supply of FSC certified NTFPs such as bamboo, rattan, oil from community/ natural forests, and latex from rubber plantations which are increasing in demand in Vietnam, thereby supporting sustainable forest management.

Rattan in Vietnam
(c) Thi Que Anh Vu

The new IFSS for NTFPs for Vietnam shall not be used as a stand-alone standard, it supplements the FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard of Vietnam FSC-STD-VN-01-2018 with specific NTFP-related indicators. It has been developed following INT-DIR-20-007_13 so organizations can certify NTFPs in their management units. The standard has also undergone one public consultation which was held between 24 June and 24 July 2022, allowing stakeholders to comment on the draft standard.

The adoption of the new IFSS would provide many benefits to the certificate holders including better and expanded market access, strengthened image and status in the market, and the use of FSCTM label for promotional/marketing purposes.

The IFSS for NTFP for Vietnam (EN version) can be downloaded at the same location as FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard of Vietnam FSC-STD-VN-01-2018 in FSC Document Centre. Please contact for any questions regarding the standard.