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FSC / Bruno Marić
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FSC / Bruno Marić
November 2, 2022
Category : General news

FSC is making changes to its system through the Policy for Association version 3, which will become effective from 1 January 2023. We are organizing an informational webinar in November to share what these changes are and how they affect the system with all interested stakeholders.

There will be two sessions of the same webinar that will take place on:

  • 9 November 2022, at 16 CET (This session will be simultaneously translated into Spanish).

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  • 10 November 2022, at 09:30 CET.

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We welcome all our stakeholders to join us at any of these webinars.

We will begin the webinar with an introduction to the Policy for Association and an account of the revision process undertaken by FSC. Then, we will go over the main changes that have been introduced in version 3 of this policy and how they will help FSC improve its system. The second half of the webinar will include a question-and-answer session, in which we would like to clarify any technical questions or concerns our stakeholders may have.

The Policy for Association (PfA) is an expression of the values shared by individuals and organizations associated with FSC. It defines six destructive activities which are unacceptable to FSC. All associated individuals and organizations – and their corporate group – commit to avoid taking part in any unacceptable activity, in both certified and non-certified operations when entering the FSC system.

FSC published the revised and updated Policy for Association, version 3, on 4 October 2022. FSC also published the Procedure for Disclosure, which will become effective in the latter part of 2023. Through this procedure, any organization becoming associated with FSC will be required to provide detailed information about their corporate group.

The changes introduced in the FSC system through the updated Policy for Association version 3 will lead to a larger range of organizations being included within the ambit of corporate groups associated with FSC; and enable FSC to detect organizations that are not committed to FSC’s values earlier. This will enable FSC to protect its reputation better.

The Policy for Association version 3 is available here.  

The Procedure for Disclosure is available here

For more details about the changes in the Policy for Association V3, please refer to this booklet and FAQs.  

To read about the revision process carried out by FSC, which has resulted in the Policy for Association V3, click here.