Fashion embraces sustainable forestry

More and more of the big names in fashion are choosing fabrics made from wood-based fibres.
FSC staff show off certified viscose at fashion summit
July 26, 2022
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Viscose, for example, is the number three fibre in the world after polyester and cotton. Viscose is just one of the man-made cellulosic fibers (MMCFs) that offer a more sustainable alternative for textiles. But while MMCFs are the fastest growing segment in global fibre production, more than 50 percent is sourced from uncertified forests. That is why FSC has turned its attention to the fashion industry. In June, FSC was at the Global Fashion Summit 2022 in Copenhagen for the first time to highlight the role of forests in the fashion industry. 

Switching to wood fibres is a trend well-grounded in circular thinking, but the trees harvested for fibre should not contribute to deforestation or biodiversity loss. FSC helps the fashion industry prove the responsible sourcing of wood fibre for textiles, thus using forest resources sustainably, respecting nature and biodiversity, and protecting indigenous peoples’ rights. 

“We need to ensure that the fashion industry increasingly demands sustainable sourcing for the viscose and natural rubber they use. At FSC, we have already taken the first steps towards more certified viscose and natural rubber by working with the textile industry over the past few years. FSC’s participation at the Global Fashion Summit has created new contacts and shown us that interest is also high among global brands such as MANGO, Marimekko, H&M Group and Kering,” said Loa Dalgaard Worm, Strategic Director of FSC Denmark.  

Sharing knowledge in a greenhouse above Copenhagen 

FSC brought together 25 selected journalists, brand representatives, scientists and influencers at the ØsterGRO rooftop farm, to talk about the role of forests in the fashion industry and why it is important to demand FSC-certified wood fibres.   

Together with five selected speakers, FSC provided a 360-degree perspective on the fashion industry’s ongoing paradigm shift to greater sustainability. We talked about honesty, transparency, innovation, circularity, and collaboration – and the importance of breaking down the power structures that often stand in the way.  

“The dinner with FSC Denmark has left me feeling incredibly hopeful and inspired for the future ahead for the fashion industry. Now to put Earth first and transform the fashion sector,” said Aoife McNamara, a designer from Ireland.  

Each speaker explained why they are committed to transforming the fashion industry and what it will take. Professor Kate Fletcher, from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion, said, “Our relationship with nature hasn’t changed in decades. The way the relationship works is that we humans are in control of nature. That understanding needs to change if we want to transform the fashion industry.” 

Fashion summit in greenhouse with fancy dinner

FSC is a platform for change and collaboration  

Many fashion brands are already well on their way to greater use of FSC-certified textiles and rubber. FSC supports this by being the platform where the entire industry can come together to partner and inspire each other across brands, suppliers, designers, media, and researchers. 

FSC has more than 30 years of experience making sustainable forestry and responsible manufacturing a reality for some of the most complex value chains and industries in the world. We plan to do the same for fashion. 

Over the next three years, FSC will focus on fashion and textiles around the world, including through the Fashion Forever Green Pact – a call for the fashion industry to ensure the proven responsible sourcing of wood fibre for textiles. Several major brands are already on board. Read more here

FSC logo signposts in flower bed

Want to know more?  

If you would like to hear more about FSC and the Global Fashion Summit, listen to our podcast where Ewa Hermanowicz, FSC Communications Manager for Europe and CIS talks to Loa Dalgaard Worm, Strategic Director of FSC Denmark, about the key take-aways and inspirations from the event.  




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