Just before the world’s largest climate change summit will be held in Paris next month, this key message was delivered by John Hontelez, FSC Chief Advocacy Officer in a panel with leading specialists on biodiversity protection at the annual United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)/FAO joint session on Monitoring Sustainable Forest Management in Switzerland.

FSC certification is already a powerful tool for the protection of biodiversity and maintenance of ecosystem services, such as carbon sequestration and storage, biological diversity conservation, watershed services, recreational services, and soil conservation, in forests. However, foresters have not always been able to demonstrate that impact, and, so, encourage investment from those who wish to support their hard work.

So, FSC has begun developing tools to help FSC-certified foresters demonstrate (make claims) about their contribution to ecosystem services as result of their responsible forest management, including specific contributions to combating climate change. With these tools FSC aims to facilitate payments for ecosystem services between foresters and interested parties. You can find out more about the development of the procedure, Demonstrating the Impact of Forest Stewardship on Ecosystem Services (FSC-PRO-30-002), here.

You can download the full presentation FSC’s Contribution to Biodiversity Protection here.

For more information contact John Hontelez, Chief Advocacy Officer, j.hontelez@fsc.org.