The FSC General Assembly is a significant event which shapes the future of responsible forestry, and this year was no exception.

FSC is governed by our membership, which is composed of environmentalists, scientists, business leaders, forest managers, Indigenous Peoples, trade union representatives, and NGOs. These members are divided into three different chambers according to their interests – environmental, social and economic, and are further split into sub-chambers of global North and South. This creates the unique democratic structure and processes of FSC.

Voting on the motions is based on the three-chamber system, with equal voting power given to each chamber. The purpose of the chamber structure is to maintain the balance of voting power between different interests without having to limit the number of members.

A total of 61 motions were proposed and discussed during numerous chamber and cross chamber meetings leading up to the event. These discussions led to a number of motions being withdrawn or merged, and ultimately 35 motions were debated and voted on.

The motions that were passed can be viewed here. The motions that did not pass can be viewed here. A full motions report will be made available soon.

Ultimately, some of the biggest takeaways from the event were not motion-related. For instance, the need for increased gender representation within the organization was raised and this is among the many issues that will merit greater focus going forward.

To find out more about the event, or to watch highlights from each day, please visit the FSC 2017 GA website.