It is with great satisfaction that FSC publishes the IGI standard, to be used for the development of National and Interim National Standards for forest stewardship. This publication closes a three-year project that involved active participation, including the contributions of international and national FSC staff.

FSC would like to thank again all those who participated for their continued and constructive support during these years. From the members of the IGI Group, the facilitator and the drafters, to the FSC national offices, standard development groups and certification bodies, and of course to the membership, stakeholders, Consultative Forum and IGI ambassadors. It is thanks to all of you that we were able to carry out such a transparent and participative process.

Rosario Galán, coordinator of the IGI process, noted that the process “has been the expression of the essence of FSC. It brought together expertise and knowledge from all sectors and corners of the globe, working together with a common objective. In addition to the IGI standard, the process resulted in a better understanding among us all and created professional and personal bonds that will remain forever”.


FSC-STD-60-004 V1-0 EN International Generic Indicators.pdf