Extended company risk assessment (ECRA) are needed before any material can be sourced from these countries.

Advice notes 40-005-22 and -23 states that after 30 June 2019, countries in which an FSC risk assessment was planned, but without an approved FSC risk assessment are considered unassessed areas. Therefore, they require an ECRA to be incorporated into companies’ due diligence systems before material can be sourced as controlled material (as detailed in the requirements of FSC-40-005 V3-0 Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood). Any material sourced without meeting the requirements of this standard cannot be used as controlled material or sold as FSC controlled wood.  

To facilitate the fast and efficient development and implementation of ECRAs, several draft FSC risk assessments have been made available on the FSC Document Centre. The content of these drafts, while incomplete, may be used in the development of ECRAs. 

Companies sourcing from countries that have an approved FSC risk assessment effective 30 June 2019 have 6 months to implement the details of the approved FSC risk assessment.