FSC eagerly looks forward to the global partnership of multi-stakeholder international organizations, civil society, scientific institutions, and communities that GLF provides. 

As a Charter Member, FSC will seek to work in close collaboration with other members to maximize efforts towards practical solutions for integrated sustainable landscape management.  

“Being a Charter Member of the Global Landscapes Forum will allow us to contribute in a meaningful way to achieve the ambitious targets set by the Bonn Challenge on forest and landscape restoration and we are keen to work with the other members in this partnership to achieve future concrete results,” Kim Carstensen, Director General of FSC, said.

Increasing the resilience of forests and associated ecosystems by protecting their biodiversity and strengthening their capacity to achieve a more sustainable development is a key element of FSC certification.

This year, FSC launched its Ecosystem Services Procedure, a tool that can be used on a voluntary basis by FSC-certified forest management units to make specific additional claims to demonstrate the conservation and/or restoration impacts of management activities on ecosystem services such as carbon, biodiversity, water, soil and recreational services.