After a Policy for Association (PfA) complaint was filed by the US based organization Mighty Earth.

Independent experts recently finalized an investigation centered on the allegations put forward by Mighty Earth against Korindo’s palm oil operations in Indonesia.

The expert report was delivered to the FSC International Board of Directors just prior to its March 2019 meeting. Due to the complex nature of the case, the board agreed that further analysis is needed, before coming to a final decision.

Like all other stakeholders, FSC is interested in a conclusion to this case. However, FSC has the strict responsibility to guarantee that all PfA processes are fair, and all deliberations carefully laid out before decisions are final.

As soon as a final decision is reached, FSC will promptly communicate the outcome.

FSC’s Policy for Association

FSC’s Policy for Association is a requirement given to all FSC certified companies to not engage in six specific unacceptable activities. It expresses the shared values underpinning FSC certification.

It is unique in its kind and is a commitment by the organization to uphold its mission and remain the world’s most rigorous responsible forest certification system.

PfA cases are highly complex in nature due to the variety of environmental, social and economic issues involved. In many cases they have led to FSC’s disassociation from certificate holders. Disassociation means cutting all contractual ties with the company.

Disassociated companies can apply to enter a roadmap process to end the disassociation, provided they are willing to engage in a constructive process to remedy the harm done.

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