On each of the three days of the event, we will host an interactive workshop discussing business development practices which generate leads.

The title of the workshop is: FSC Certification: Delivering Business Benefits

The agenda for the session is:

  • Introduction
  • Stats on FSC
  • Consumer Insights
  • Global Market Survey
  • Brands Supporting Us (also Vancouver Dec.)
  • Value Proposition of FSC in Construction and Timber with good examples
  • Services Offered
  • Opportunities for Collaboration
  • Interactive Session

Venue: Dubai Wood Show, Room no. B220 from 12th-14th March.

Event time : 2pm to 6pm daily.

Seats: Attendance to the workshop is free, but seats are limited.

For participation register at the Dubai Wood Show Website or email a.shukla@fsc.org or l.costa@fsc.org.

You can find more information through the Dubai Wood Show website.