Kapok tree

Raise the sky at the Kapok BnB

About me 

Ba'ax ka wa'alik? I am Kapok. I played an essential part in the prehispanic history of Mexico. The Mayans called me Ya'ax'che. They believed that the first human was born in my branches, and for this reason, they considered me a sacred tree. With my deep roots, I could connect the subterranean world Xibalbá with the world of the living. 

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Legend has it that one day the sky collapsed, and the gods were given the task of raising it again, placing divine trees on each corner and me at the center as the central axis of the universe. For them, a paradise is a place where I can grow, and under my leafy and strong branches, everybody can rest from the hardships of life. Catch a glimpse of paradise - come and stay at my BnB

Important note: my full-service package is available only in FSC-certified forests, where I am treated well and grow in peace.   

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  • Dine & Stay - lianas are provided, don't bring your own

    Canopy package: 
    For those who enjoy sunlight and fresh air! Reptiles like the red-eyed tree frog and boas (South America), small and large mammals like tree porcupines, sloths, howler monkeys, and even jaguars. I'm paradise for birds like harpy eagles, toucans, and white chinned jacamar. Jamaican fruit bats stop by to dine. Honeybees praise my pollens.  

    Hollows: a colorful bunch of species, including frogs, birds, and bromeliads. 
    Jungle floor: countless insects, antlers and small rodents. 

  • Dine at my West African Branch 

    Bark: chimpanzees, baboons. 
    Flower buds, fruits, leaves, and seeds: sooty mangabeys, green monkeys, greater spot-nosed monkeys, collared mangabey monkeys, moustached guenons, chimpanzees.