Welcome to FSC Forest Week 2024

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Small steps together create big change for all

Join us this year 21-27 September.

Spotlighting the importance of sustainable forest management, our annual FSC Forest Week campaign is held globally the last week of September.

It has never been more crucial to raise awareness and inspire responsible actions that positively impact our environment. As the world looks to actively contribute to fighting the climate and biodiversity crises, this campaign steps in at a critical time to show you how to be a part of the solution. This year, we are highlighting the small steps that everyone can take to create big change, helping to ensure a sustainable future for all.

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Where you can make a difference

When forests thrive, our planet and its people prosper. Together, we must take the small steps that collectively deliver large impact for generations to come.
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Fight climate change

In the fight against climate change, every forest counts. FSC Forest Week aims to educate everyone on the benefits of sustainably managed forests, including their ability to capture and store carbon dioxide - one of the greenhouse gases that contributes the most to climate change. 

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Conserve biodiversity

Forests provide habitat for two-thirds of the Earth’s plants and wildlife, protecting the biodiversity needed to sustain an inhabitable planet. FSC Forest Week amplifies this crucial role, raising awareness and supporting our collective task to combat biodiversity loss and preserve nature’s innate benefits. 

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Support Indigenous communities

Forests provide a home for over 300 million people, with forest communities depending on them for livelihoods, food, fuel, and medicine. Inspiring responsible actions that positively impact the environment through FSC Forest Week will ensure a brighter future for these communities too. 

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FSC Forest Week’s influence is growing

Since its launch, FSC Forest Week has evolved into a powerful, global campaign. With initiatives such as community engagement, internal company activities, forest walks and factory tours, we are discovering new, exciting ways to expand its influence every year.
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>50 million

global consumers reached in 2023

>40 countries

represented by committed organizations during FSC Forest Week 2023


partners supported last year’s campaign

Interested in being part of FSC Forest Week 2024?

Contact your local FSC team today to register and find out more about how you can participate.

How can I take action during FSC Forest Week?

As an individual 

Sustaining thriving, resilient forests depends on collective action. With a few small steps, you can do your part to create big change, fight climate change, protect biodiversity, and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and Indigenous communities around the world.   

Here are 3 ways you can support FSC Forest Week this year:  


Take time to reflect 

Every purchase you make impacts our planet. By taking a moment to consider the source of the products you buy, you can help drive positive change, and take a small step towards preserving natural resources for future generations.  


Check for the tree and shop forest friendly 

Our certification labels can be found on millions of everyday products, from furniture and paper products to musical instruments and tyres. Every label verifies sustainable sourcing that puts forests and people first, so you know you are reducing the stress put on resources when choosing FSC-certified products.  


Spread the word 

Your voice matters. By engaging with the FSC Forest Week campaign, you can help raise awareness and inspire responsible, sustainable actions that positively impact our planet.   

As a business

Forest stewardship depends on businesses as well as individuals. Here’s how your business can become a force for our forests. 


Share your commitment

Inform consumers and partners of your commitment to protecting forests by educating them on FSC Forest Week across your website, social media or in-store promotions. 


Help your customers identify your commitment

Add the FSC logo to your online product pages so your customers can clearly identify FSC-certified products, or alternatively sell or use products where the FSC label and messaging about FSC is featured prominently. 


Host educational sessions for staff

Provide customized sessions for your staff about FSC Forest Week, and the importance of broader responsible forestry, as well as an overview of FSC and our approach to caring for forests. Take this opportunity to make sure that everyone knows how they can support your business’ sustainability mission. 

Feeling inspired? Become FSC-certified and source FSC-labelled products

Take a stand for the health of our forests, benefitting the environment and your business too. If you’re not currently a partner, you can explore our certification options or make the switch to responsibly-sourced products.  

Become a forest steward
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Connect with FSC

Follow us on social media and share our story to help us grow the FSC ecosystem, using #FSCForestWeek. Every new forest steward brings us one step closer to fulfilling our mission of protecting forests for all, forever.

Reflecting on FSC Forest Week 2023

Trust the Tree 

FSC Forest Week 2023 (23 - 29 September) educated consumers about the social and environmental benefits of certification, and about FSC’s mission of ensuring Forests For All Forever. Under the theme, TRUST THE TREE, we successfully drove awareness around FSC’s work and highlighted the role that forest stewards have in combating climate change and biodiversity loss by supporting sustainable forestry. 

FSC Forest Week 2023 Recap 

FSC / Iván Castro

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