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FSC works to take care of our forests and those who rely on them: by protecting plant and animal species, Indigenous Peoples rights, forest workers’ safety, and much more. Follow us to get inspired, learn about forests and find out how you can help take care of forests for future generations.

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Exceptional display by Alison von Ketteler, manager of hashtag#FSC's Ecosystem Service Program at...
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fsc friday 2
On this #FSCFriday, meet Edgar Chaparro from Ejido – an indigenous community in Carobachi, Chihuahua...
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FSC Friday 2020
FSC Canada
Over the years, many exciting activities were held globally to celebrate this day. Here are some...
woodland trust
The key to good #woodland management is sustainability, so that the woodland ecosystem remains in...
weird looking animal
Today we're celebrating the immense biodiversity of forests by introducing you to some of the...
forest and light
FSC’s principle decision-making platform, the triennial General Assembly, has been postponed to 2021...
"Building with timber can ameliorate climate change, as it produces less greenhouse gas emissions...
fight climate change
We're looking forward to it! Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming podcast series.
public forests
Great to see our event 'The Value of FSC to Europe's Public Forests' is going well in Prague. Stay...
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