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Home to approximately 15 per cent of all known plants, mammals and birds on the planet, Indonesian foresters and communities play an outsized role in fighting against the climate and biodiversity crisis. Explore Indonesian forest projects with verified ecosystem services below and consider incorporating forest protection and restoration into your climate strategy today.

East Kalimantan: Forestry and community management for the restoration of biodiversity

Helping to preserve a biodiversity hot spot with the Indigenous People in Borneo

This project is developed in Borneo, one of the biodiversity hot spots of the planet. It protects the habitats of 18 endangered species – 12 of which are unique to the island – while also obtaining timber in a sustainable manner. Ratah Timber, the forest steward leading this work, is committed to continue developing the project in close collaboration with the Dayak Indigenous people, the holders of traditional land rights in the region.

A frog in FSC-certified forests in Indonesia
FSC Indonesia
FSC-certified forest in Indonesia

Main achievements of this project:

  1. Increased abundance of several species of birds and mammals
  2. 7,000 hectares of degraded forest restored
  3. 84,517 hectares of intact forests preserved

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FSC-certified forest in Indonesia
FSC Indonesia
Water in FSC-certified forest in Indonesia
FSC Indonesia
Close shot of redwood tree bark
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