Ecosystem services claims for Businesses

Support the sustainable forestry projects making a measurable impact on the defining challenges of our time.

Invest in measurable change for our forests

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Ecosystem services claims from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) enables your organization to sponsor responsible forestry projects that make a real difference in the fight against climate change, biodiversity loss, and other global challenges.

In return, you get third-party data verifying the real-world impact of your investments and their contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – all backed by the world’s most trusted name in sustainable forestry.

Ecosystem services claims in action

Learn how the Huong Son State Forest Company is regenerating forests in the Vietnamese province of Ha Tinh with the help of FSC ecosystem services claims.

Discover the true value of forests

It’s easy to measure the economic value of forest products, but other vital benefits provided by forests can be harder to quantify. The benefits that forests provide to humans are called “ecosystem services.” They include:

  • supporting biodiversity
  • storing carbon
  • purifying water
  • regenerating soil
  • providing recreation.

FSC ecosystem services claims gives forest managers a framework for protecting these vital benefits and scientifically measuring the outcome of their efforts. When you sponsor a responsible forestry initiative, you’ll see the positive impact of your investment and receive the data you need to communicate this impact to your stakeholders.  

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Connecting forests, companies and climate action

We can help you build a truly impactful climate strategy. With ecosystem services claims and our partnerships with Verra and South Pole, your company can measure carbon and biodiversity impacts and help bring forests to the forefront of climate action.

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Advantages of sponsoring an ecosystem services claim

  • Assurance that your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments are making a measurable difference for forests;
  • Third-party verification that safeguards your reputation;
  • Transparent process;
  • Close relationship with responsible forest stewards;
  • Marketable story linked to the UN SDGs;
  • Association with the most trusted and recognized brand in forestry.* / Atthaphol S
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FSC ecosystem services claims roadmap


Forest commitment

Forest managers commit to protect or restore a vital service provided by their forest. Ecosystem services include biodiversity preservation, carbon storage, water filtration, soil regeneration, and recreation opportunities. In collaboration with FSC and third-party certification bodies, they collect scientific data verifying the impact of their efforts.



Organizations like yours volunteer to sponsor forest managers and their initiatives. Many forest managers are smallholders, Indigenous communities, or public—private associations that need financial support to ensure the long-term viability of their projects.



Your business receives clear, verifiable evidence quantifying the impact of your sponsorship.



Share your verified impact data. These results show your customers, employees, and investors that you’re backing up your sustainability promises with actions that make a measurable difference.

Companies worldwide are making a measurable impact with FSC

Levico logo Levico Acque has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2019.
Roller logo Roller has been an FSC promotional licence holder since 2010.
VolkerWeseels logo VolkerWessels has been an FSC chain of custody certificate holder since 2019.
“Ecosystem services claims highlights our company’s efforts to make the public more aware of the need to protect biodiversity.”

Christine Prouin, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Groupe FDJ

Find a forest project

Forest managers around the world are looking for partners to support the sustained viability of their conservation and restoration efforts. Each project delivers real-world, verified outcomes that you can communicate to your stakeholders. Explore open projects below.


Join forces with forest managers across France who are engaged in a variety of responsible forestry initiatives. Several sponsorship opportunities are available.

Project focus:  biodiversity, carbon storage, water

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Help conserve municipal forests in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Project focus: biodiversity, carbon storage, water, recreation conservation

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A joint initiative based on community and organizational collaboration is set to restore over 7,000ha of degraded forest land in East Kalimantan.

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Help ensure that natural forest regeneration and carbon and water management efforts can continue across several regions in Italy.

Project focus: biodiversity, carbon storage, water, soil, and recreation conservation

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Help our initiatives in Mexico, led by communities that are protecting and restoring important conservation hotspots for the world.

Project focus:  biodiversity, carbon storage, water

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Help community managers restore forest habitats for cheetahs, giraffes, antelope, and other wildlife.

Project focus: biodiversity restoration

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Support more than 80 smaller forests spread over the Netherlands that are working to enhance biodiversity and soil quality, securing climate-proof forests in the country.

Project focus:  biodiversity, soil quality

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Take a look at a number of forests in Portugal that provide biodiversity and climate benefits and are open for sponsorship.

Project focus: biodiversity, carbon storage, recreation

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Thumbnail_South Africa

South Africa

Support watershed restoration and be a part of the solution to the country’s water scarcity problems.

Project focus: water

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Several sponsorship opportunities are available, including initiatives to conserve carbon storage, ensure clean water, and protect the Cantabrian brown bear and other wildlife.

Project focus: carbon storage, water, biodiversity

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The FSC difference

Trust: FSC is the world’s most trusted forest certification organization.

Experience: We have a proven history of forest stewardship spanning more than 25 years.

Results: The FSC system is a proven method to prevent deforestation, protect biodiversity, and strengthen the carbon storage capabilities of forest ecosystems.

Vision: We’re driven to ensure that the true, holistic value of forests is recognized by all. / Jasmina007
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FSC / Bablu Singh
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Find the right forest for you

We can pair your organization with the right forest project for your goals and give you the tools to bring your sustainability story to the world.

Contact us to get started
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Water droplets on a green leaf / LuPa Creative
Shunchang Forest Becomes the First Site in China Certified for Ecosystem Services
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Autumn forested mountain and lake in Italy
Photographic Archive, FSC Italy
Italian Local Entities Join Forces with FSC to Preserve Ecosystem Services
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* GlobeScan Global Consumer Research, August 2021