New approaches for smallholders and communities certification project

In 2016, FSC established the New Approaches project to develop alternative and additional ways to support smallholders and communities striving to achieve certification.

FSC Smallholder Communities
FSC DK / Namibia

Project, work streams & activities

Our first phase: Mobilise and Launch. This involved engaging smallholders across the globe. We also mapped our smallholders’ market-related needs so that we can work with them to develop new solutions to tackle the challenge of selling their goods on an efficient scale.

Our second (and current) phase: Develop and Test. This is focused on analysing different options to streamline the FSC certification requirements, increase market access and raise market share, and, through the entire process, engage, communicate, develop local capacity and fundraise.

Our third phase: Gather results from the different activities, while continuing to pursue relevant new concepts. The best solutions will be expanded to make them globally available as quickly as possible.

Main activities and global team

The following table briefly describes the main activities that are currently being implemented and the project team member in charge of each activity.




Asia Pacific regional simplified standard

To develop a regional Forest Stewardship Standard for smallholders in Asia Pacific

Loy Jones,

Chinese NFSS pilot test

To test alternative ways of conforming with Indicator 6.5.5 (focused on setting aside ten per cent of the forest unit as a designated conservation area) in specific regions in China, where conformity is a challenge for smallholders

Ma Lichao,

Eastern Africa continuous improvement field tests

To define a continuous improvement concept for FSC, offering flexible steps towards full conformity with the FSC national standards, within a defined timeframe, as well as how to integrate and implement it

Annah Agasha,

Forestry contractors field test

To assess and propose the best way for including forestry contractors in the FSC certification system

Lauri Ilola,

Group certification standard revision

To revise standard FSC-STD-30-005 for group certification, consider the inclusion of new mechanisms to improve group certificates, and enhance the inclusion of stakeholder groups, such as smallholders and communities

Joachim Meier,

Group model type III pilot test

To test a new group model type III, where forestry contractors are part of the group certificate

Lauri Ilola,

Latin America continuous improvement participatory workshops

To generate recommendations for FSC on how to integrate and implement continuous improvement in the FSC system, including a definition of smallholders and communities, as well as the timeframe and stages needed

Janja Eke,

Smallholder Access Programme pilot test

To test the Smallholder Access Programme (SAP) standard developed by Rainforest Alliance as part of their Appalachian Woodland Alliance project

Rosario Galán,


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New Approaches Project_2018 Report and 2019 Plans
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