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Technical working group on the Mix label and controlled wood statements


In progress




Julian Nierentz

Program Manager (Trademark Management)

Start Date

November 2019

End Date

June 2020


The work of the group supports the implementation of the Strategy for MIX products and Controlled Wood, Action 4.1 and Action 4.2.:


Action 4.1. Change the wording of the text on the FSC Mix label so that it reinforces truth in labelling.

Action 4.2. Allow FSC-certified organizations to communicate about controlled wood in line with the objectives of this strategy. If they choose to do so, they must use standardized statement(s) and instructions that will be developed by FSC.


Develop a proposal aligned within the technical working group about how to standardize communication about controlled wood in the Mix label and in promotional statements for FSC licence holders.

Working Group members

Laura St. Peter
Certification Services Associate, NEPCon, US


Jason Grant
Representing World Wildlife Fund US, Environmental Chamber North


Johan Olausson
Environmental Sourcing Coordinator, Tetra Pak, Sweden, Economic Chamber North


Uwe Sayer
Director at FSC Germany



May 2020
Policy and Standards Committee (PSC) meeting

PSC to review the proposals developed by the TWG

April 2020
Public consultation closed on April 6, 2020

TWG meeting to discuss the consultation results.

February 2020
Public Consultation open

Submit your comments here.

December 2019
Working group established (see membership above)