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To redesign the procedure by making it more agile, effective, outcome and risk oriented, to ultimately facilitate the streamlining of the normative framework. 

Technical Working Group

Emily McGregor  -  Regal Springs, UK 

Erica Fonseca  - Cooperative Program on Forest Certifications / IPEF, Brazil 

Richard Donovan - Independent, USA 

Roman Polyachenko - Sustainable Biomass Program, Estonia 


A summary of steps taken and process to date.

September 2021
Meeting with certification bodies (CB’s): Revision of FSC’s standard setting procedure and implementation of the AAF 

FSC has organized this meeting to present an overview of the main changes proposed in the first revised draft procedure and to explain how they connect to input provided by the Trialogue CB Steering Group.  

The implementation of the AAF is separately discussed as part of the same meeting.  

CBs are cordially invited to provide feedback on the main changes prior to the start of the public consultation. 



August 2021
White Paper: Streamlining the FSC® Normative Framework and the procedure for the development and revision of normative documents.  

This White Paper’s purpose is to inform FSC membership about: 

  1. FSC’s intentions and ongoing efforts to streamline the FSC Normative Framework, 

  1. Why FSC’s procedure FSC-PRO-01-001 V3-1 The Development and Revision of FSC Normative Documents needs to be streamlined, and 

  1. How these two initiatives are linked and what can be expected from these processes. 

The white paper will be shared as a background document in the first public consultation of the draft version of the revised FSC-PRO-01-001. 

February 2021

Registration to participate in the consultative forum is now open. A consultative forum is a registered group of stakeholders, including members, Certificate Holders, Certification Bodies and others, interested in being informed about the progress of the revision process and in providing input into the process outside of public consultations. The consultative forum is not a decision-making body and has no formal responsibilities.

You are cordially invited to join the consultative forum for the revision of this procedure. To register, please click here.

December 2020

Call for applications to join the Technical Working Group was sent with the following material:

• Application Form

• Terms of Reference

• Cooperation Agreement

Candidates are invited to complete their application and send it with their CV to Dorothee Jung-Wilhelm, Programme Manager (System Performance), at by 7 January 2021.

FSC-PRO-01-001 Technical Working Group Terms of Reference

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