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Incorporating a Risk-Based Approach in Forest Management certification 


FSC-PRO-60-010 V1-0




Dorothee Jung-Wilhelm

Project Supervisor

Achim Droste

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Purpose of the document

The objective of this procedure is to provide the process steps for conducting and incorporating a risk-based approach in the development or revision of national forest stewardship Standards (NFSS), to assess, identify and designate risk considering the likelihood and impact of nonconformity with indicators of the NFSS.

Strategic alignment

Success criteria 1.1.4: Following the acceptance of a streamlined and outcome-oriented normative framework approach at the 2017 General Assembly, standards, policies and the schedules of associated processes are reviewed and modified to ensure alignment with strategy.

Action-based learning

The principle of “learning by doing” is used to speed up the development of the procedure and guideline. The FSC Board approved a deviation from the FSC-PRO-01-001 omitting public stakeholder consultation during the initial development phase. Stakeholder consultation will be conducted following implementation to improve the new documents where necessary.

Project team
  • Dorothee Jung, FSC International           
  • Vivian Peachey, FSC Canada
  • Guillaume Dahringer, FSC France
  • Henrik von Stedingk, FSC Sweden
  • Mike Read, Risk Management Expert


13 March – 14 April 2020
Call for applications to join the Technical Working Group developing risk-based approaches for forest management certification.
17 May - 16 July 2019
Public stakeholder consultation on all Risk-based approaches components
January - April 2019
Training and calibration workshops on the new procedure and guideline
November - December 2018
08 November 2018
Publication of FSC-PRO-60-010 and accompanying Guideline FSC-GUI-60-010
05 July – 27 July 2018
Conducted a survey with the Forest Network, and hosted a workshop with FSC international staff on the application of risk approaches in national forest stewardship standards.
15 May 2018
Hosted a workshop on incorporating risk-based approaches at FSC global staff meeting.
May 2018
Presented ideas to the policy and standards committee for discussion and further development.
19 April 2018
Hosted a workshop on incorporating risk-based approaches at the annual certification body meeting.
March 2018
The FSC Board of Directors approved project plan and pre-approved procedural document.
October 2017
Published two discussion papers and presented our ideas at the FSC General Assembly in Vancouver.
April - September 2017
We invited all FSC national offices to share their experience working with risk in developing national forest stewardship standards. We received 13 submissions.


FSC-PRO-60-010 V1-0 EN Incorporating a risk-based approach in NFSS
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FSC-GUI-60-010 V1-0 EN - Guideline for Standard Developers on incorporating a risk-based approach in NFSS
PDF, Size: 1.17MB