Continuous Improvement procedure





Project coordinator
Technical coordinators
Project Supervisor
Start Date

November 2019

End Date

June 2021

Purpose of the process

Development of a new international procedure that allows small forest owners and communities to be initially certified based only on a subset of forest management requirements and offers flexible steps towards conformity with the remaining requirements within a defined timeframe.

Strategic allignment

At the 2017 General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, the membership approved Motion 46 with a focus on developing new solutions, including new ideas not currently contemplated in the FSC normative framework and system.

Technical Working Group

Doralice Ortiz - Aldea Global

Severinus Jembe - Soil Association

Jens Kanstrup - Forests of the World

Suphawadee Wilamart - IKEA

Mateo Cariño - NEPCon

Oliver Bach - Sustainable Agriculture Network


March - July 2020

As an adaptation to COVID-19 travel restrictions, a series of online calls was established allowing the Technical Working Group to continue to discuss and develop the different elements of the procedure.

18 February 2020
Working Group Established to Develop Continuous Improvement Procedure
11 February 2020
Consultative Forum open.
17 December 2019 – 17 January 2020
Call for applications to join the Technical Working Group to develop the Continuous Improvement Procedure.
December 2019
Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Technical Working Group approved by the Steering Committee.

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November 2019
The recommendation from PSC was presented and approved by FSC Board of Directors
September 2019
A proposal for the development of the ‘Continuous Improvement’ concept was presented to the Policy and Standards Committee (PSC) and received a positive recommendation