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Take the first step toward a rewarding career protecting our forests.
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FSC / Denmark

The forest is calling you

Just as we depend on forests, forests depend on all of us.  At the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), your work will create a better future for forests and people around the world. When you join our team, you can do your part to build a world where the true value of forests is recognized by all.

Our people make the mission possible

FSC is made up of passionate, dedicated people from around the world, united by a common mission: protecting healthy, resilient forests for all, forever. 

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Cultivating a culture of respect, values, and growth

Cultivating a culture of respect, values, and growth
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Collaborative Culture

We’re an international organization that welcomes diversity of all kinds. At our headquarters in Bonn, Germany, you’ll find individuals representing more than 40 nationalities working together under one roof. You’ll work with open-minded, value-driven colleagues who live our mission every day.

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We reward employees for their commitment and hard work. Depending on where you are located, benefits may include remote and flex-time work as well as a childcare allowance, public transportation subsidies, relocation expenses, regular salary reviews, and a generous vacation package.

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Opportunities for growth

We’re committed to providing all employees with development opportunities so they can learn new skills, expand their capabilities, and achieve their career goals. In addition to job specific training we offer soft skill trainings in areas like leadership development, giving and receiving feedback, and impactful communication.

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Meaningful impact

At FSC, we strive to make a measurable impact on the ground. The work you do every day will address some of the biggest issues of our time, including global warming, biodiversity protection, and human rights.

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Start the process by clicking on one of the open positions above.



We will screen your application based on skills and experience relevant for the job.



If your skills and experience are a match for the position, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview.



As part of the interview process, you may receive an assignment that will help us assess your skills.


Decision and offer

If you are the right fit for the position, we will make you a job offer.



Once the contracts have been signed, you’ll officially be a part of the FSC team.

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