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About me

Hi, I'm the Banyan Tree, I guess you could say I'm a diplomat of sorts, being India's national tree and all. My fancy official name is Ficus benghalensis, one of the largest trees in the world. I can grow up to 20-25 meters with branches spreading up to 100 meters and have the furthest reaching roots of all known trees. I can also get very old. I have friends older than 350 years. They've been around since before dodos became extinct. 

I have many aerial roots that grow from the branches and run vertically to the ground. This makes me look more like a dense forest than an individual tree. Because of my size, I can host a large number of creatures.

Banyan figs



My fruits look a bit like small figs and can be used to soothe skin irritations and alleviate the swelling. My bark and my leaves also have medical properties. 

I don't mean to brag, but I am of immense cultural importance, and Hindu people worship me. Due to my status, no one dares to harm even a single branch or leaf on me. If that's not a good reason to visit me, then I don't know what it is! 

Important note: my full-service package is available only in FSC-certified forests, where I am treated well and grow in peace.

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  • Dining

    Figs: fruit bats, primates, birds like flycatchers, hornbills, and other creatures.

  • Dine & stay

    Insects (bees, butterflies, beetles), birds (barbets, pigeons, hornbills, parrots, bulbuls, myna, parrots, etc.), mammals (fruit bats, bears, brown civet cats), and primates (monkeys and Nilgiri langur, Bonnet macaque, Lion-tailed macaque).  

  • Stay

    Indian flying fox, common Indian mongoose, common palm civet. 

    Excellent moisture levels under my canopy!

    Ideal for many tree dwellers like wild cats and birds like hawks and eagles.

  •  Permanent residency

    I'm in a special partnership with my own species of tiny wasps. They live in my figs and pollinate my flowers in return. #Can'tLiveWithoutYou