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Since it was founded in 1993, FSC has grown to become the world’s most respected and widespread forest certification system. Maintaining and consolidating this leading position means working to update, promote and grow the FSC system. FSC also demands constant awareness of cutting edge issues in a context of rapid economic and environmental change, and the capacity to extend existing partnerships and alliances and build new ones.

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FSC Annual Report 2020 - A Year Unlike Any Other

Covid-19 made it an incredibly challenging year for our members, employees, and wider stakeholders. At FSC, like many organizations, we continued to ensure safe working conditions for our people. These measures enabled us to continue our essential work – and deliver against our ongoing commitments and goals. This report provides an overview of what we achieved in 2020, as well as a range of stories that showcase our success as we continue to improve our system for the benefit of our members and the world at large.

FSC Annual Financial Statements 2020

Review FSC’s 2020 annual financial statements. 

FSC Annual Report 2019 - 25 Years of Making a Difference

Our 2019 Annual Review celebrates not only our achievements for the year, but also the hard work in the preceding 25 years that made it all possible. View the Financial Statements here

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